The Psychology Of Selling: The Art of Closing Sales

by Brian Tracy

The Psychology Of Selling: The Art of Closing Sales


Find The Keys To Sales Success!

The worlds foremost producer of personal development and motivational audio programs offers an expanded version of Brian Tracy's sales classic.

The Unsuccessful Salesperson says, "the other guy has the best territory."

The Successful Salesperson says, "every territory is the best one."

The Unsuccessful Salesperson says, ""that company will never buy."

The Successful Salesperson says, "I can make that company buy."

Confidence and self-esteem are just two of the factors that separate the successful salesperson from the unsuccessful one. In this comprehensive program, Brian Tracy -- an expert sales tainer -- shares more than 50 practical, day-to-day techniques for increasing your confidence in your sales abilities and boosting sales profits, including:

  • The two major "motivating" factors in closing a sale
  • The three "hot buttons" to push when selling to businesses
  • How to avoid the five simple errors that spell the difference between success and near-success

Brian Tracy will help you master the art of closing the deal.

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