Streams of History: The United States (Yesterday's Classics)

by Ellwood W. Kemp

Streams of History: The United States (Yesterday's Classics)



Shows how the consciousness and sentiment of union gradually grew in the minds of the American people from 1789, when the Constitution was established through 1865, when it was decided by the Civil War that the United States is in reality an indissoluble union. Emphasizes the development of freedom: freedom of religion, freedom of labor, freedom of the press, freedom of the ballot, and freedom of education. Encourages the reader to enlarge and develop the principles of liberty bequeathed to him by carefully preserving and diffusing these liberties among his fellow men. Volume 7 in the 7-volume Streams of History series, which presents a vivid picture of the growth of Western Civilization from the early source of the historic stream back in the Nile, the Tigro-Euphrates and the Indus valleys, and then its widening and deepening as it moves westward. The series highlights the contributions of each culture to the stream of history and shows how its contributions are caught up and carried on to future peoples and nations. The student is led to see how each grows out of that which precedes, and shadows forth what follows, and that the discovery of America, and its subsequent institutional development was the fruitage of a seed which lay deep in the historic soul of Europe. Suitable for ages 12 and up.

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