Laura Antoniou

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ISBN-10: 0964596040, ISBN-13: 9780964596047
Categories: Fiction > Romance
Laura Antoniou's modern classic of BDSM-themed fiction returns to print. In The Marketplace, the first book of the series, follow the trials and tribulations of four aspiring slaves as they undergo training hoping to be ... more...
ISBN-10: 0964596067, ISBN-13: 9780964596061
Categories: Fiction > Romance
The long-awaited conclusion of Adamsons stunning Marketplace Trilogy! The ultimate underground sexual realm includes not only willing slaves, but the exquisite and demanding trainers who take submissives firmly in hand. And it is now the time for these mentors to divulge their own secrets, to ... more...
ISBN-10: 0964596059, ISBN-13: 9780964596054
Categories: Fiction > Romance
The second volume in the Marketplace trilogy, the landmark series that set the standard for contemporary SM erotica. The Slave describes the experiences of Robin, an exceptionally sensitive submissive who longs to join the ranks of those who have proven themselves worthy of entry into the ... more...
ISBN-10: 157344779X, ISBN-13: 9781573447799
... Guide to Kink features the expertise of renowned educators writing passionately on their favorite subjects, including Patrick Califia, Midori, Laura Antoniou, Barbara Carrellas, Lee Harrington, Jack Rinella, Lolita Wolf, Madison Young, Hardy Haberman, Felice Shays, Ignacio Rivera, Sarah Sloane ... more...
ISBN-10: 157344927X, ISBN-13: 9781573449274
... lie in the loving submission of Lawrence Westerman’s “Her Majesty’s Plaything,” boys wrestling for the opportunity to please their mistress in Laura Antoniou’s “Blame Spartacus” or the ultimate domination of Valerie Alexander’s “La Sexorcista,” you will find what you’re looking for, and more ... more...
ISBN-10: 1937856429, ISBN-13: 9781937856427
... for you. Contributors: • Heather Graham • Sylvia Day • Andrew Shaffer • M.J. Rose • Sinnamon Love • Judith Regan • Stacey Agdern • Laura Antoniou • Jennifer Armintrout • Tish Beaty • Mala Bhattacharjee • Rachel Kramer Bussel • M. Christian • Suzan Colón • Joy Daniels • Sherri Donovan • Angela ... more...
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