Development and Religion: Theology and Practice

by Matthew Clarke

Development and Religion: Theology and Practice


Development and Religion explores how the world's five major religions - Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam - understand and practice 'development' through an examination of their sacred texts, social teaching and basic beliefs.

Religious belief is a common human characteristic with eighty percent of the world's population professing religious faith. Observable in all societies, religious belief is pervasive, profound, persuasive and persistent. The premise of this book is that despite this, religion has long been ignored within mainstream development paradigms and by development practitioners (both locally and at the international level) resulting in sub-optimal development outcomes. Matthew Clarke argues that each religion offers useful insights into various issues concerning development that should be considered by donors, NGOs, and others seeking to improve the lives of the poor.

Undergraduates and postgraduate students of development studies, religious studies and theology will gratefully welcome this highly regarded book.

Contents: Foreword by Katherine Marshall; Preface; 1. The Religion - Development Nexus; 2. Hinduism - Dharma and Active Citizenship; 3. Buddhism - A Middle Way for Development; 4. Judaism - A Cry for Justice; 5. Christianity - Development as an Option for the Poor; 6. Islam: Equality and Action; 7. Conclusion; References; Index

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