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After losing her claim in the Oklahoma territory to Grady Stryker, Storm Kennedy arranges a marriage of convenience with Grady but refuses to yield her body to the rugged Sooner. By the author of Ice & Rapture. Original.
The Australia of 1812 is a virgin land waiting to be explored. It is a wild frontier peopled by even wilder men. It is a place where a defenseless woman risks both her virtue and her life. But high-spirited Kate McKenzie is sure she can survive in Australia on her own--until she meets her match in Robin Fletcher. In the arms of the former convict, Kate discovers that a defenseless woman can have the time of her life losing her virtue to the right man.
Desert Ecstasy romance novel
Warned away from his vices by the ghost of Lady Amelia every time he would slip up, roguish Jackson Graystoke finds romance with Irish-born Moira O'Toole, who refuses to believe in superstitious legends. Original.
From the moment he laid eyes on the arrogant White Knight, Lionheart was determined to best him. He'd been ordered by Prince Edward to take Cragdon Castle, and the slim young warrior on the pure white steed led the defending forces with a skill and daring that challenged his own prowess. No man could defeat the renowned Lionheart; he would soon have the White Knight beneath his sword and at his mercy. But storming through the battered portcullis,... more...
"A page–turning, emotional romance, rich in historical details and plot twists." —RT Book Reviews on Sins of the Highlander, 4 Stars His Duty is to Fulfill Her Every Desire... Brandr the Far–Traveled has seen the world and a good many of the beautiful women in it. His bed skills are the stuff of steamy legend, his sword sings death, and he can call up fire from thin air. No one in a hundred years ever thought he could be... more...
Nicholas Scott is lord of Devil Isle in all but name, and rules both his ship and the inhabitants of Bermuda with a masterful touch. But feisty Eve Upshall will be ruled by no man, especially not the arrogant privateer who rescues her from drowning and a shark attack, only to command that she choose a husband from among his crew.
He rode into Chirk Castle on his pure black destrier. Clad in black from his gleaming helm to the tips of his toes, he was all battle-honed muscles and rippling tendons. In his stark black armor he looked lethal and sinister, every bit as dangerous as his name implied. He was a man renowned for his courage and strength, for his prowess with women, for his ruthless skill in combat.But when he saw Raven of Chirk, with her long, chestnut tresses and... more...
Dedicated to her career as a newspaper woman, Maggie Afton is furious with Chase McGarrett when she finds out that he has no intention of guiding her across the tundra to report on the Klondike gold rush. Original.
Page: 11-20 results of 23