Four tales of dark, dangerous men who conquer--defying the world to take what they need--and the women who tame them.

Hostage by Barri Bryan (Historical Romance): No good deed ever goes unpunished... Abigail Warren risks her own safety to come to the aid of Raul Mendoza. He rewards her kind gesture by taking her as his hostage.

Virtual Love by Elizabeth Batten-Carew (Futuristic Romance): Control is what Jerette seeks when she enters virtual reality ... until she is pursued by a mysterious stranger who infiltrates her sessions, turning her deepest desires into reality.

Forbidden Fruit by Jaide Fox (Fantasy Romance): His lands cursed to wither and die, Lord Dominic Rainier learns from a witch that the only way to save his people is to capture the lovely Lady Lilith Somerset ... and impregnate her before the next moon.....

Heart of Midnight by Kimberly Zant (Paranormal Romance): Fate does a double whammy on Amy, pitching her first into the path of a serial killer, and then

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